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from my collection of animal poems, "The Elephant Seal's Nose"
Mary Ciotkowski


Society Skink

If a skink entered into Society,

He would surely behave with Propriety.

When invited to Dine,

He'd doubtless bring Wine

Of a rare and distinguished Variety.

Octopus and Squid

Octopus and Squid

Love to do the tango,

The samba and the rumba

And the fiery fandango.

How they dip and sway

In their ballroom 'neath the sea

With tentacles in tangles

And hearts so light and free.

The Elephant Seal's Nose

The elephant seal's nose

Is floppy and inflatable.

Most people say he's homely

But I'd say that's debatable

He weighs a ton or more

He settles where he pleases.

The beach is rather crowded,

So I hope he never sneezes.

The Confusion of the Platypus

"Doctor, Doctor!" cried the platypus.

"I'm feeling most perplexed.

This crisis of identity

has really got me vexed!

My body seems quite normal

For a mammal, I am sure.

After all, I have a tail

And I'm covered up with fur.

But this bill is like a duck's

And, Doctor, please don't be amused,

But I laid some eggs this morning.

Now I really am confused!"


Chameleons are such funny guys.

They have such captivating eyes

And wear the most remarkable skin.

Convenient is the skin they're in.

They change to yellow, brown or green.

They hide so well they can't be seen.

Their tongues can catch a lot of flies.

Chameleons are such funny guys!


Fiddler Crab

Fiddler Crab,

Fiddle dee dee!

Fiddle around.

Fiddle for me.

Play me a tune

Of a life that is free.

Of waves on the ocean

And salt in the sea.